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What can ICIKL do?

Better question - what CAN'T it do?

Every Tool In One Place... no kidding!

Replacing 30+ subscriptions.

Join the thousands of businesses that are using marketing automation to leapfrog over their competition. Just think about it - why sign up for dozens of disconnected software when you have ICIKL?

We integrate with the most popular website hosting apps, social platforms, CRMs and payment processors so that you can keep doing what you do, but better.

Automation Is The Future

"I Don't Need This Software..."

In 30 days, if all ICIKL did was add $1,000/mo to your revenue, and save you 6 hours/week of texting, remembering passwords and decision making, would it be worth it?

The truth is, many local businesses have a 'leaky tap' syndrome.

  • Missed Google reviews

  • Missed inbound calls

  • Poor online presence

  • Poor visibility

  • No follow-up

  • No automation

If any of those ring a bell, take action & fix them. Our Attract-Nurture-Close formula, once properly implemented, cures the 'leaky tap' syndrome.

Business On The Go

Access ICIKL from our LeadConnector App

Receive all of your inbound calls with our iOS & Playstore Mobile App. Assign specific phone numbers to staff members and track calls. Text on the go to all your lead inquiries.

  • Email, Video SMS, Calls, etc

  • Drop Ringless Voicemails

  • Track All Leads & Calls

  • Custom Business Number

Ready to invest in automation?

Equip your local business with systems it needs.

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